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About :

ABDULLAH KNITWEARS LIMITED is one of the important and 100% export oriented sweater factory started its successful operation from 21st November 2012. It has a team of highly motivated and dedicated professionals and workers to provide our buyer with the highest quality products. We ensure all activities of sweater manufacturing are done through documented quality management system at every stage. Williams Sweaters Limited also follows the standard operating procedures in every process to meet buyer’s requirement properly.

Product :

MEN’S WEAR, WOMEN’S WEAR, KID’S WEAR ranging all age.

Style & Design :

Jersey knit, rib, drop needle, diamond, cable, pine apple, drop, auto mine, zigzag, pointal, biscuit diamond, combo, fancy cable, allover cable, etc. as per buyer’s requirement.

Using Yarn :

100% Acrylic (Normal), 100% Acrylic (Mélange), 100% Acrylic (Nap), 100% Acrylic (Cotton Like), 100% Acrylic (Cashmere Like), 100% Acrylic (Chenille), 100% Acrylic (Smiling), 85% Acrylic 15% Wool, 70% Acrylic 30% Wool, 50% Acrylic 50% Wool, 30% Acrylic 70% Wool, 100% Cotton, 50% Cotton 50% Acrylic, 45% Cotton 55% Acrylic, 80% Acrylic 20% Nylon Etc.

Lead Time :

The normal lead-time for production of sweaters by local yarn & accessories is 60-90 days (approx.) and for imported yarn & accessories the lead time is 90-120 days (approx.).

Exporting Countries :

Denmark, United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Japan, USA, Brazil, Spain, Holland and France.