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Quality Assurance: Williams Sweaters Ltd. has its own quality assurance system to produce superior quality sweater of variously style with the aim to have full satisfaction of customer. We have a quality policy. For Quality Assurance, we introduced Independent Quality Control Team

(IQCT) who is reported to the management only. We -

• Focuses on continuous improvement in all quality related activities and seek to prevent errors and eliminate the root causes of problems.
• Educate, train and qualify our employees so that they can perform their tasks in accordance with the established quality standards and contribute to improvement efforts.
• Implement the buyer’s requirement throughout the company.
• Continue Checkpoint at all process end to ensure better quality product.
• Test the raw materials for physical & chemical characteristics by reputed textile testing laboratories ensures that the materials are of high standard.
• Have In house QA team to carry out random in house final inspection of the packed goods before conducting final inspection by buyer’s QA.
• Believe in professionalism
• Don’t compromise about quality
• Believe in cost effective production

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